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;;; gameboy-original-theme.el --- Emacs 24 theme with a light background.
;; Copyright (C) 2014 , Felipe Martin
;; Author: Felipe Martin
;; Email: fmartingr@gmail.com
;; URL: https://gitlab.com/fmartingr/emacs-gameboy-theme
;; Version: 0.1
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "24"))
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
;; This file is not part of Emacs.
;;; Commentary:
;; With some help from: emacs-theme-generator, https://github.com/mswift42/theme-creator.
;;; Code:
(deftheme gameboy-original "Gameboy (original)")
;;; Color palette
(let ((class '((class color) (min-colors 89)))
(fg1 "#0F380D")
(fg2 "#22461e")
(fg3 "#34552f")
(fg4 "#466440")
(bg1 "#9BBC0F")
(bg2 "#8eab13")
(bg3 "#819b15")
(bg4 "#748b17")
(key2 "#457043")
(key3 "#2a552a")
(builtin "#2E602E")
(keyword "#2E602E")
(const "#2E602E")
(comment "#8BAC0F")
(func "#2E602E")
(str "#0F380D")
(type "#2E602E")
(var "#2E602E")
(warning "#8BAC0F"))
;;; Basic
`(default ((,class (:background ,bg1 :foreground ,fg1))))
`(default-italic ((,class (:italic t))))
`(link ((,class (:foreground ,const :underline t))))
`(warning ((,class (:foreground ,warning))))
`(info-quoted-name ((,class (:foreground ,builtin))))
`(info-string ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(trailing-whitespace ((,class :foreground nil :background ,warning)))
;;; Font lock
`(font-lock-builtin-face ((,class (:foreground ,builtin))))
`(font-lock-comment-face ((,class (:foreground ,comment))))
`(font-lock-negation-char-face ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(font-lock-reference-face ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(font-lock-constant-face ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(font-lock-doc-face ((,class (:foreground ,comment))))
`(font-lock-function-name-face ((,class (:foreground ,func :bold t))))
`(font-lock-keyword-face ((,class (:bold ,class :foreground ,keyword))))
`(font-lock-string-face ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(font-lock-type-face ((,class (:foreground ,type ))))
`(font-lock-variable-name-face ((,class (:foreground ,var))))
`(font-lock-warning-face ((,class (:foreground ,warning :background ,bg2))))
;;; Regions
`(region ((,class (:background ,fg1 :foreground ,bg1))))
`(highlight ((,class (:foreground ,fg3 :background ,bg3))))
`(hl-line ((,class (:background ,bg2))))
`(fringe ((,class (:background ,bg2 :foreground ,fg4))))
`(cursor ((,class (:background ,bg3))))
`(show-paren-match-face ((,class (:background ,warning))))
`(isearch ((,class (:bold t :foreground ,warning :background ,bg3))))
;;; Modeline
`(mode-line ((,class (:box (:line-width 1 :color nil) :bold t :foreground ,fg4 :background ,bg2))))
`(mode-line-inactive ((,class (:box (:line-width 1 :color nil :style pressed-button) :foreground ,key3 :background ,bg1 :weight normal))))
`(mode-line-buffer-id ((,class (:bold t :foreground ,func :background nil))))
`(mode-line-highlight ((,class (:foreground ,keyword :box nil :weight bold))))
`(mode-line-emphasis ((,class (:foreground ,fg1))))
;;; UI
`(vertical-border ((,class (:foreground ,fg3))))
`(minibuffer-prompt ((,class (:bold t :foreground ,keyword))))
;;; org-mode
`(org-code ((,class (:foreground ,fg2))))
`(org-hide ((,class (:foreground ,fg4))))
`(org-level-1 ((,class (:bold t :foreground ,fg2 :height 1.1))))
`(org-level-2 ((,class (:bold nil :foreground ,fg3))))
`(org-level-3 ((,class (:bold t :foreground ,fg4))))
`(org-level-4 ((,class (:bold nil :foreground ,bg4))))
`(org-date ((,class (:underline t :foreground ,var) )))
`(org-footnote ((,class (:underline t :foreground ,fg4))))
`(org-link ((,class (:underline t :foreground ,type ))))
`(org-special-keyword ((,class (:foreground ,func))))
`(org-block ((,class (:foreground ,fg3))))
`(org-quote ((,class (:inherit org-block :slant italic))))
`(org-verse ((,class (:inherit org-block :slant italic))))
`(org-todo ((,class (:box (:line-width 1 :color ,fg3) :foreground ,keyword :bold t))))
`(org-done ((,class (:box (:line-width 1 :color ,bg3) :bold t :foreground ,bg4))))
`(org-warning ((,class (:underline t :foreground ,warning))))
`(org-agenda-structure ((,class (:weight bold :foreground ,fg3 :box (:color ,fg4) :background ,bg3))))
`(org-agenda-date ((,class (:foreground ,var :height 1.1 ))))
`(org-agenda-date-weekend ((,class (:weight normal :foreground ,fg4))))
`(org-agenda-date-today ((,class (:weight bold :foreground ,keyword :height 1.4))))
`(org-agenda-done ((,class (:foreground ,bg4))))
`(org-scheduled ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
`(org-scheduled-today ((,class (:foreground ,func :weight bold :height 1.2))))
`(org-ellipsis ((,class (:foreground ,builtin))))
`(org-verbatim ((,class (:foreground ,fg4))))
`(org-document-info-keyword ((,class (:foreground ,func))))
;;; Latex
`(font-latex-bold-face ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
`(font-latex-italic-face ((,class (:foreground ,key3 :italic t))))
`(font-latex-string-face ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(font-latex-match-reference-keywords ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(font-latex-match-variable-keywords ((,class (:foreground ,var))))
;;; ido
`(ido-only-match ((,class (:foreground ,warning))))
`(org-sexp-date ((,class (:foreground ,fg4))))
`(ido-first-match ((,class (:foreground ,keyword :bold t))))
;;; gnus
`(gnus-header-content ((,class (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(gnus-header-from ((,class (:foreground ,var))))
`(gnus-header-name ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
`(gnus-header-subject ((,class (:foreground ,func :bold t))))
;;; mu4e
`(mu4e-view-url-number-face ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
`(mu4e-cited-1-face ((,class (:foreground ,fg2))))
`(mu4e-cited-7-face ((,class (:foreground ,fg3))))
`(mu4e-header-marks-face ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
;;; ffap
`(ffap ((,class (:foreground ,fg4))))
;;; js2-mode
`(js2-private-function-call ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(js2-jsdoc-html-tag-delimiter ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(js2-jsdoc-html-tag-name ((,class (:foreground ,key2))))
`(js2-external-variable ((,class (:foreground ,type ))))
`(js2-function-param ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(js2-jsdoc-value ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(js2-private-member ((,class (:foreground ,fg3))))
;;; js3-mode
`(js3-warning-face ((,class (:underline ,keyword))))
`(js3-error-face ((,class (:underline ,warning))))
`(js3-external-variable-face ((,class (:foreground ,var))))
`(js3-function-param-face ((,class (:foreground ,key3))))
`(js3-jsdoc-tag-face ((,class (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(js3-instance-member-face ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
;;; auto complete
`(ac-completion-face ((,class (:underline t :foreground ,keyword))))
`(icompletep-determined ((,class :foreground ,builtin)))
;;; undo tree
`(undo-tree-visualizer-current-face ((,class :foreground ,builtin)))
`(undo-tree-visualizer-default-face ((,class :foreground ,fg2)))
`(undo-tree-visualizer-unmodified-face ((,class :foreground ,var)))
`(undo-tree-visualizer-register-face ((,class :foreground ,type)))
;;; Rainbow delimiters
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-1-face ((,class :foreground ,fg1)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-2-face ((,class :foreground ,type)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-3-face ((,class :foreground ,var)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-4-face ((,class :foreground ,const)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-5-face ((,class :foreground ,keyword)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-6-face ((,class :foreground ,fg1)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-7-face ((,class :foreground ,type)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-depth-8-face ((,class :foreground ,var)))
`(rainbow-delimiters-unmatched-face ((,class :foreground ,warning)))
;;; magit
`(magit-item-highlight ((,class :background ,bg3)))
`(magit-section-heading ((,class (:foreground ,keyword :weight bold))))
`(magit-hunk-heading ((,class (:background ,bg3))))
`(magit-section-highlight ((,class (:background ,bg2))))
`(magit-hunk-heading-highlight ((,class (:background ,bg3))))
`(magit-diff-context-highlight ((,class (:background ,bg3 :foreground ,fg3))))
`(magit-diffstat-added ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
`(magit-diffstat-removed ((,class (:foreground ,var))))
`(magit-process-ok ((,class (:foreground ,func :weight bold))))
`(magit-process-ng ((,class (:foreground ,warning :weight bold))))
`(magit-branch ((,class (:foreground ,const :weight bold))))
`(magit-log-author ((,class (:foreground ,fg3))))
`(magit-hash ((,class (:foreground ,fg2))))
`(magit-diff-file-header ((,class (:foreground ,fg2 :background ,bg3))))
;;; lazy highlight
`(lazy-highlight ((,class (:foreground ,fg2 :background ,bg3))))
;;; term
`(term ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1))))
`(term-color-black ((,class (:foreground ,bg3 :background ,bg3))))
`(term-color-blue ((,class (:foreground ,func :background ,func))))
`(term-color-red ((,class (:foreground ,keyword :background ,bg3))))
`(term-color-green ((,class (:foreground ,type :background ,bg3))))
`(term-color-yellow ((,class (:foreground ,var :background ,var))))
`(term-color-magenta ((,class (:foreground ,builtin :background ,builtin))))
`(term-color-cyan ((,class (:foreground ,str :background ,str))))
`(term-color-white ((,class (:foreground ,fg2 :background ,fg2))))
;;; helm
`(helm-header ((,class (:foreground ,fg2 :background ,bg1 :underline nil :box nil))))
`(helm-source-header ((,class (:foreground ,keyword :background ,bg1 :underline nil :weight bold))))
`(helm-selection ((,class (:background ,bg2 :underline nil))))
`(helm-selection-line ((,class (:background ,bg2))))
`(helm-visible-mark ((,class (:foreground ,bg1 :background ,bg3))))
`(helm-candidate-number ((,class (:foreground ,bg1 :background ,fg1))))
`(helm-separator ((,class (:foreground ,type :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-time-zone-current ((,class (:foreground ,builtin :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-time-zone-home ((,class (:foreground ,type :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-buffer-not-saved ((,class (:foreground ,type :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-buffer-process ((,class (:foreground ,builtin :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-buffer-saved-out ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-buffer-size ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-ff-directory ((,class (:foreground ,func :background ,bg1 :weight bold))))
`(helm-ff-file ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1 :weight normal))))
`(helm-ff-executable ((,class (:foreground ,key2 :background ,bg1 :weight normal))))
`(helm-ff-invalid-symlink ((,class (:foreground ,key3 :background ,bg1 :weight bold))))
`(helm-ff-symlink ((,class (:foreground ,keyword :background ,bg1 :weight bold))))
`(helm-ff-prefix ((,class (:foreground ,bg1 :background ,keyword :weight normal))))
`(helm-grep-cmd-line ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-grep-file ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-grep-finish ((,class (:foreground ,fg2 :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-grep-lineno ((,class (:foreground ,fg1 :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-grep-match ((,class (:foreground nil :background nil :inherit helm-match))))
`(helm-grep-running ((,class (:foreground ,func :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-moccur-buffer ((,class (:foreground ,func :background ,bg1))))
`(helm-source-go-package-godoc-description ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(helm-bookmark-w3m ((,class (:foreground ,type))))
;;; company
`(company-echo-common ((,class (:foreground ,bg1 :background ,fg1))))
`(company-preview ((,class (:background ,bg1 :foreground ,key2))))
`(company-preview-common ((,class (:foreground ,bg2 :foreground ,fg3))))
`(company-preview-search ((,class (:foreground ,type :background ,bg1))))
`(company-scrollbar-bg ((,class (:background ,bg3))))
`(company-scrollbar-fg ((,class (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(company-tooltip ((,class (:foreground ,fg2 :background ,bg1 :bold t))))
`(company-tooltop-annotation ((,class (:foreground ,const))))
`(company-tooltip-common ((,class ( :foreground ,fg3))))
`(company-tooltip-common-selection ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(company-tooltip-mouse ((,class (:inherit highlight))))
`(company-tooltip-selection ((,class (:background ,bg3 :foreground ,fg3))))
`(company-template-field ((,class (:inherit region))))
;;; web-mode
`(web-mode-builtin-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-builtin-face))))
`(web-mode-comment-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-comment-face))))
`(web-mode-constant-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-constant-face))))
`(web-mode-keyword-face ((,class (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(web-mode-doctype-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-comment-face))))
`(web-mode-function-name-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-function-name-face))))
`(web-mode-string-face ((,class (:foreground ,str))))
`(web-mode-type-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-type-face))))
`(web-mode-html-attr-name-face ((,class (:foreground ,func))))
`(web-mode-html-attr-value-face ((,class (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(web-mode-warning-face ((,class (:inherit ,font-lock-warning-face))))
`(web-mode-html-tag-face ((,class (:foreground ,builtin))))
;;; jde-java
`(jde-java-font-lock-package-face ((t (:foreground ,var))))
`(jde-java-font-lock-public-face ((t (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(jde-java-font-lock-private-face ((t (:foreground ,keyword))))
`(jde-java-font-lock-constant-face ((t (:foreground ,const))))
`(jde-java-font-lock-modifier-face ((t (:foreground ,key3))))
`(jde-java-font-lock-number-face ((t (:foreground ,var))))))
(when load-file-name
(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path
(file-name-as-directory (file-name-directory load-file-name))))
(provide-theme 'gameboy-original)
;; Local Variables:
;; no-byte-compile: t
;; End:
;;; gameboy-original-theme.el ends here